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Flamborough E-NEWS March/April 2015 Issue #44

Dear residents,

March has been a very busy month, and I am pleased with the hard work and results received so far.

On Tuesday March 31st, I was delighted to see so many Flamborough residents at the special planning meeting for the Rural Zoning By-law. The Council Chambers was packed with over 200 residents who voiced their concerns and comments regarding the proposed by-law. Feedback was heard, and Council will consider a revised by-law in June.

Also on Tuesday, the Courtcliffe Park Restoration Project was completed and a bridge over Bronte Creek was opened. I am pleased to say that the trails in Courtcliffe Park have re-opened, and I thank Trout Unlimited Canada for their hard work.

In This Issue:

  • Proposed Rural Zoning By-law Changes
  • Public Meetings for the Provincial Plan Greenbelt Review
  • Free Children's Programming in Flamborough
  • Snake Road Bridge Re-opens
  • New Bookmobile Stop for Millgrove

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Councillor Partridge In The News

Rents spiking, vacancies dropping in Hamilton

Hamilton Spectator By Teviah Moro A dip in vacancies and a spike in rents threaten to make the city’s social housing wait list longer and put more people on the street, city staff say. “There will definitely be great hardship for people,” Kirstin Maxwell, policy and program specialist in the city’s housing services division, told… Read More

Flamborugh’s existing landscapers to be exempt from plan bylaw

Flamborough Review By Mac Christie Landscapers in Flamborough will be able to continue basing their operations in the area – provided they were an established business prior to March 31. As part of the Rural Hamilton Official Plan Amendment, landscapers would not have been permitted in rural zones A1 or A2, except as a secondary… Read More

City hall digest: Ward boundary kerfuffle

Hamilton Spectator By Matthew Van Dongen Ward boundary kerfuffle Council came within a single vote of yet again putting off a long-awaited ward boundary review Wednesday. An 8-8 tie vote narrowly killed a motion by Coun. Terry Whitehead to tie the contentious review to the results of the 2016 census, which would not be available… Read More

Hamilton, Burlington see summit as mutual mindset

Hamilton Spectator By Meredith MacLeod The eighth annual economic summit will bring Hamilton and Burlington together. The chambers of commerce in the two cities will be co-hosting the June 2 event at the “neutral territory” of the Royal Botanical Gardens, says Hamilton chamber CEO Keanin Loomis. The event will be called the Bay Area Economic… Read More

Work to restore stream at Courtcliffe Park complete

Hamilton Spectator By Joel OpHardt Video available here The fish are going back into the water at Courtcliffe Park now that Trout Unlimited has completed one of the most complicated of its projects aimed at restoring the Bronte Creek watershed. Brook trout “are the canary in the coal mine,” said Jack Imhof, senior scientist for… Read More

Community Endorses Judi PARTRIDGE re-election

Councillor Judi Partridge has proven herself to be a Strong Advocate for the Millgrove Community. In the past year with her Charm for its Children, Fervour for its Families and Passion for its People, Judi readily collaborated with Residents and supported their efforts which ultimately succeeded in “Keeping Millgrove School OPEN!” Judi, we in the Millgrove Community Thank You whole heartedly for your Dedication to the “Best Interest” of our Community. Judi TRULY IS “the ‘Go to’ Councillor who ‘Gets Things Done.’” We couldn’t ask for a more dedicated Councillor!
Wendy Teed, Millgrove Childrens Centre Daycare

“Proactive, responsive, and fully engaged. Judi Partridge works tirelessly to ensure that our community continues to be a wonderful place to live. Whether it’s dealing with a resident’s individual concerns, or championing causes that impact many of us, Judi will do all she can to make sure the best outcome is achieved.”
Graham Flint, Chairman FORCE

Dedication, commitment, hard work and knowing what is best for Flamborough, is the goal Judi Partridge has set for our community. Her ability to get things done, takes tremendous effort and vision. With one goal in mind, Judi fights for 'The very best for Flamborough', if it takes moving mountains, she gets it done. In the up coming election, Judi has my vote.
Margaret Robertson, Pause-A-While Tea House

As an Accountant, I can say without reservation that Judi does things RIGHT & ON TIME always with a focus to SAVE us tax dollars! Judi has proven herself to be an effective leader for Ward 15, she takes no guff from anyone and doesn’t back down. I highly recommend you VOTE to RE-ELECT Judi Partridge Councillor Ward 15.
Gary Titley, Accountant

Judi Partridge is a true community champion. Her enthusiasm is contagious, her values are strong and if it’s happening in Flamborough, she’s there to support her community! I am proud to endorse Judi Partridge for Ward 15 Councillor.
Kyle Williams, Waterdown Warriors Football Alumni

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I endorse Judi Partridge for Ward 15 Councillor. I look up to Judi professionally and personally – she is thoughtful, kind, community focused, and gets the job done. Whether it is taxes, transit or transportation she always makes sure the community is heard at the Council table. Growing up in Waterdown was an incredible community experience, Judi was very focused on working to support Students, and with the re-election of Judi, it will ensure that more families will have the opportunity to experience the best Ward 15 has to offer.
Drew Williams, Waterdown High School Alumni

On behalf of Muslim Women Council of Hamilton I am pleased to endorse Judi Partridge for Flamborough Ward 15 Councillor RE-Election. Judi is a vibrant leader who is always involved in community activities. I first came to know Judi when I moved from Hamilton Mountain to Waterdown. Judi is very effective in addressing community issues, her office is proactive in supporting the vital needs of her residents. She is a hard worker who is sensitive to community needs and keeps her community well informed.
Basharat Tayyab, Waterdown, Muslim Women Council of Hamilton

With the help and guidance of Councillor Judi Partridge we were able to secure speed control measures for Hollybush Drive. The community came together to find a solution that worked for everyone with the assistance of Ms. Partridge throughout the process; we now have narrower lanes, extended curbs and should shortly have a second stop sign. The Hollybush community is very grateful.

Amy Moss-Archambault, owner of TriMom and resident

Community Feedback

Both of us would like to thank you for the excellent service you provide for us by working so hard on our behalf and by keeping us informed in a very timely and detailed manner which we have never seen before by any elected official. Thank you for your great work and we wish you and your family a very healthy and happy New Year. J & G, Millgrove

Thank you so much for your swift attention to this- I'm actually surprised I'm the first one to ask! On a side note, Judi, I'm reallly impressed with the work your doing, and love getting your newsletter so I'm informed as to the community activities. Keep it up! K.H., Carlisle

Hi Judi, Fitness in the park! What a great idea! Please let us know if there is any help needed with this with this or if there is a way we can get involved. Dr. V, Waterdown

Please thank Councillor Partridge for helping us out; we could never have got this done. I know she is extremely busy but it is great having her assistance. She works tirelessly for her residents. Thanks again A.C., Freelton