Flamborough E-NEWS Councillor Judi Partridge Ward 15 – Merry Christmas to All

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  • Mid Penn Highway ~ Map Attached
  • Notice to Property Owners and Tenants ~ streets listed below
  • Flamborough Community Council ~
  • Wal-Mart Developer RIOCAN  ~ Angry Neighbour Fencing
  • Area Rating CITIZENS’ FORUM Review Committee
  • Dear Housing and Homelessness system partner
  • Winter Community Outdoor Skating Rink Program
  • Waterdown BIA Elects New Board Members
  • Jan. 26th, 2011 Interval House Flamborough Women’s Resource Centre

Mid Penn Highway ~ Map Attached

Attached to this E-NEWS is the map showing a new study area for the proposed mid penn route. The map shows the route potentially cutting across the escarpment from #407 in North Burlington down  between Kilbride and Lowville which would put it somewhere just south of Carlisle. It would then proceed to cut across rural Flamborough connecting to Hwy #52 area and south to Hwy #403.

As your Councillor for Ward 15, I will be hosting a community meeting around February/March with presentations from the ministry, COPE (Citizens Opposed to Paving the Escarpment), City Staff and other organizations.  This meeting will give citizens of Flamborough and Halton/North Burlington the opportunity to review proposed plans and will include a Q&A. Details to follow.

Notice to Property Owners and Tenants ~ streets listed below

TO: All property owners and tenants in Waterdown living on Northlawn Avenue, Summit Drive, Faircrest Drive, Westview Cres, Main St N, Centre Rd, in Waterdown

FROM: Waste Management Division, City of Hamilton

SUBJECT: Waste Collection Day Change to Wednesdays starting January 12, 2011

Your waste collection day will change to Wednesday (instead of Tuesday).

Effective: Wednesday, January 12th, 2011, the City of Hamilton asks that you place all your waste materials for collection on Wednesday. before 7:00 am   This includes your blue boxes, green cart, leaf & yard waste, garbage, and bulk waste.  The collection day change is required to improve waste collection routes.

The City will start garbage collection in the new Waterdown survey, County Green Homes on Wednesday January 12th 2011. In an effort to be more efficient and effective with service delivery, we will change the collection day from Tuesday to Wednesday to accommodate everyone on the streets indicated in this notice.

We appreciate your co-operation as we strive to provide efficient and effective waste collection service.

If you have any questions concerning waste collection, please call (905) 546-CITY (2489) or Email: wastemanagement@hamilton.ca

Flamborough Community Council ~

Request for applicants from Flamborough residents will start mid January 2011 please watch for notices in the Flamborough Review and through E-NEWS. As your Ward Councillor, I believe strongly that Community Councils (CC) are an important resource that will work as an advisory group and sounding board for me to better serve all citizens.  It will also provide a forum for all citizens to bring issues to be clearly heard and supported by a broader group, adding weight when brought to City Council.  Several already exist throughout Hamilton and have proven to help citizens become more engaged in issues that are important to them and build a stronger community. This will be the first Community Council set-up in Flamborough  another important first step in open public engagement.

Wal-Mart Developer RIOCAN  ~ “Angry Neighbour Fencing”

Over the past few weeks there have been many concerned calls/emails regarding the “Angry Neighbour” wooden fencing installed by Wal-Mart RIOCAN along the Wal-Mart parking lot, effectively cutting off any safe access to the new TD Bank. Originally, the developers for both properties agreed to provide entrance and exit routes from their respective parking lot into and out of the TD Bank plaza parking lot. This week another chain link fence has been installed from the wooden fence, along the main entrance/exit into the power centre.  We have not been able to find out why they are cutting off any opportunity for safer parking lot access to the TD Bank plaza, but urge everyone to please be very careful at this very busy time of year,  this fencing presents a serious safety hazard. It may also jeopardize the success of the new TD Bank who are very concerned about their staff and customers safety.

As your Flamborough Councillor, I am very disappointed with the decision to install what many people are describing as an angry neighbour fencing. Customer safety should be the retailers first priority at all times.

Area Rating CITIZENS’ FORUM Review Committee

Recently, the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Flamborough Chamber of Commerce (FCC) sent a letter to the Citizens Forum Area Rating Review expressing a number of concerns.

The previous City Council established the Citizen’s Forum Area Rating Review with a mandate to undertake a comprehensive review of area rating and report back to the new City Council at the end of November with recommendations on whether to change area rating tax formula or keep the status quo.

As we’ve reported before, the elimination of area rating would result in an across-the-board property tax increase of 10 percent (on top of the usual annual increases) for all Flamborough properties (residential and commercial/industrial).

Such a tax hike would have a devastating impact on local Flamborough businesses  especially in light of the difficult economy.

Specifically, the FCC BOD expressed concern about the secretive nature of the deliberations of Citizens Forum and the lack of extensive public consultations.

With the Citizens Forum indicating that it will present its final report to Council early in 2011, the FCC will now consider its options. One may be to appeal directly to City Council to request refer the recommendations of the Citizens Forum to the various communities for public reaction and input.

Dear Housing and Homelessness system partner

The city of Hamilton is inviting all stakeholders, service providers, consumers and allies of the housing and homelessness system to participate in the development of a Housing & Homelessness Action Plan for Hamilton by completing the web survey below.

The intent of the survey is to hear your ideas and personal experiences from those with an understanding of the housing and homelessness system in order to better understand the system’s linkages, opportunities, strengths and successes. This survey is one component of a larger community consultation that will include focus groups, site visits ,  key informant interviews  as well as larger stakeholder gatherings and working groups to be held in the coming months.

We encourage you to forward this email to any of your colleagues and client groups who you think would like to participate and who have some knowledge of the housing and homelessness system and want to contribute to its future development. Our goal is to be as inclusive as possible. Anyone identifying as a consumer at question #1 is directed into a consumer-specific survey so that all stakeholders can participate fully.

The survey can be found at:


If you have any questions about this survey, please feel free to contact us at

Winter Community Outdoor Skating Rink Program

Is your local service club or neighbourhood interested in coming together with volunteers to create and maintain an outdoor ice rink at any of the sites listed below? The Community Skating Rink program has identified four neighbourhood areas in Flamborough for outdoor rinks. The city of Hamilton will provide equipment and infrastructure to create and maintain outdoor rink surfaces within these designated sites after volunteer groups have committed to provide an outdoor rink for use by all neighbourhood children and adults. In 2009 there were 26 neighbourhoods participating throughout the city.

In Flamborough the sites are:

Freelton Community Park ~ Freelton Road

Millgrove Park ~ 855 Millgrove Side Road

Lynden Legion Park ~ 206 Lynden Road

Waterdown Memorial Park ~ 200 Hamilton Street

If anyone is interested in helping with an outdoor rinks in any of these areas, please contact the Sharon at 905- 546-2424 extension 4235.

Waterdown BIA Elects New Board Members



Councillor Judi Partridge welcomed new board members at the Annual General Meeting where more than 40 local business owners and citizens attended. Partridge spoke to all members on the importance of establishing BIA subcommittees for specific areas of focus important to small core businesses. Partridge encouraged the board to listen to it’s members to ensure opportunity for active work by all members alongside the board.  Starting in January 2011, she will also create a Flamborough Community Council that could include a BIA member, not necessarily a board member as representative. The new Community Council will deal with issues concerning the entire Ward 15 to give residents a forum to be heard. Partridge will work with the citizen group to then move the issues forward at the City Council level.

Jan. 26th, 2011 Interval House Flamborough Women’s Resource Centre

Are you looking for a way to give back to the community by empowering other women to make positive changes in their lives?  Do you want to learn more about the justice system?  Are you passionate about working with women and advocating for change?  If so, then ask about the Interval House Hamilton Women’s Centre Court Support Volunteer Program.

The volunteer application is available to download at www.intervalhousehamilton.org/womenscentre.html or contact our Peer Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer at 905-522-0127 x201 for more details.

Court Support Volunteers assist and accompany women on an as needed basis to family and criminal court, lawyers appointments, and other legal meetings.  Volunteers provide non-judgmental guidance, empathy, and support through challenging judicial systems.  This volunteer opportunity also allows participants to aid in the functioning of Jared’s Place: Legal Advocacy and Resource Centre for Women.

Our extensive training program begins on January 26th, 2011 and will run every Wednesday morning from 9am until noon for 10 weeks.

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